Singya Corporation, located in Taichung, Taiwan, operates seven restaurant brands and a premium island resort. Singya Dorayaki originated in 2005 when we brought the Tamagawa baking technique to Taiwan. Singya has since expanded into the hospitality industry. The Japanese spirit continues to inspire Singya with the core value of "refined and diligent" workmanship front and center. Singya's meticulous drive for quality carries on our original pursuit. We believe that successful brand management is built on a foundation of talent. Singya is excited to work with professionals from diverse countries and culinary fields to bring our dream to life.
Singya craft classic Japanese dorayaki with fresh and local Taiwanese ingredients.
PINOCOCO serve Chinese and Western fusion dishes with freshly picked local ingredients to satisfy diners' taste buds with pleasure.
MEATGQ offer premium dry-aged and wet-aged steak to serve customers with superior quality exceed expectation.
Explore Cantonese cuisine with Executive Chef Wen Guang Hsu's recreation of heritage classic recipes.
301 is named after its doorplate on Taichung's vibrant boulevard and proud to be known as the Godfather of Steak.
Modern Singaporean Cuisine, Rethought, Recomposed and Reimagined, by Chef Jimmy Lim.
Come and experience the freshest flavors and enjoy our unique Southeast Asian delicacies.
A premium vacation resort in Green Island. Join us in creating wondrous memories that will last a lifetime.